Audio-Technica AT-HPS550 Headphone Stand

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This elegant headphone stand will also emphasize the beauty of your headphone. Made with stainless steel, high pressure acrylic, and natural wood, the AT-HPS550 is a stylish headphone accessory that fits in any interior atmosphere. The 11 1/2" height and 5 1/2" width dimensions can handle any headphones from casual to audiophile, and from wired to wireless. The base stickers will keep the headphone stand from sliding on smooth surfaces and also protect the bottom wood. Take a better care of your headphones with Audio-Technica's AT-HPS550 Headphone Stand.

Mass: 890g

Base stickers

Audio-Technica AT-HPS550 Headphone Stand

Audio-Technica AT-HPS550 Headphone Stand

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