Panasonic EH-SA60 Nano Care Night Steamer

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Nanoe products from Panasonic Japan are well known for keeping your skin and hair moisturized without any of the effort, especially during busy day. For Ladys who are too tired to take care of their skin especially week days, they can choose the Nanoe mode during the night. Just put the Nanocare aside of the bed, and before sleeping turn it on. It will keep your skin moisten and avoid to get cracked skin, soar and dry throat when you wake up the morning with this Nanoe product. During less busy day (week-end), we recommend you to focus on the "Platina Steam" mode. Providing Nano particle by arc discharge, this mode will be able to reach your stratum corneum. This EH-SA60 Night Steamer Beauty Sleep will perfectly take care of your skin. You will just have to put it next to your bed, turn it on, and get a nice skin when you wake up up! It won't disturb you, this night steamer is really quiet! Work with natural mineral water. The unit is a Japanese product and operation labeling are in Japanese. Please refer to our image for operation. Unit includes a transformer for your country voltage free of charge.


Power: AC 100V 50-60Hz
Power cord Length: 1.5m Approx.
Power Consumption: 290W
Generated sound Nanoi: 26dB
Steam emissions: About 6mL / minute
Steam Temperature About 40℃
Body size 15.6 21.5 21.8cm
Body mass About 1.7kg
Package dimension 30.2 27.7 18.4cm
Package weight 2.7kg

Panasonic EH-SA60 Nano Care Night Steamer

Panasonic EH-SA60 Nano Care Night Steamer Panasonic EH-SA60 Nano Care Night Steamer


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