Elecom U2H-TM400BWH USB Extension Hub

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Elecom, Japan's fast growing electronic maker answers with this award winning U2H-TM400BWH USB extension hub with an intuitive plug design. Featuring 4 useful USB 2.0 ports in a stylish and convenient, separated jacks for you to connect different USB jacks of different sizes with ease. With USB2.0, Elecom U2H-H4B has a high speed mode with a transfer rate of maximum 480Mbps. Simple and sleek design. No AC power needed.

The separated ports solve the problem of physical interference and even wider types of USB devices can be used without interfering with devices connected to other ports. The four separate cables to be connected to USB devices are all slightly different in length to enable easy connection of the devices. The U2H-TM400BBK features a compact hub to be directly connected to a computer, offering a perfect choice for laptops. Available in black and white.


Interface: USB2.0/1.1
Rise stream port: 1 ports
Down stream port: 4 ports
Supply electric current: (Self port): Per 1 port under 500mA / (Bus power): Per 1 port under 100mA within 4 port total 350mA

Elecom U2H-TM400BWH USB Extension Hub

Elecom U2H-TM400BWH USB Extension Hub

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