GreenHouse Love USB Hub

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It's time to connect your USB peripherals to your computer with love! This simple USB hub from GreenHouse Japan features 4 USB ports embedded in the shape of a heart. Compatible with both Windows and Mac and in USB 2.0 speed. Powered directly by your computer so no AC adaptor is needed. Available in 3 lovely colors!

AudioCubes is the distributor for Greenhouse Japan products in the US. Wholesale, resell, and corporate sales inquiries welcomed!


Interface: USB2.0/1.1
Rise stream port: 1 ports
Down stream port: 4 ports
Size: W51D47H21.5 (mm)
Supply electric current: (Self port): Per 1 port under 500mA / (Bus power): Per 1 port under 100mA within 4 port total 350mA

GreenHouse Love USB Hub

GreenHouse Love USB Hub GreenHouse Love USB Hub


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