Brightonnet Panda Speaker

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Brightonnet's Animal Town presents, Panda Speaker! It is a baby panda sitting on its back, ready to play your cheerful tunes. It's eyes are actually where the speakers sit, it's ears are the volume control, and the nose indicates power status. From the old Segatoys' iDog to the new Brightonnet Panda Speaker, mini speakers are more about the attraction and decoration. Available now at AudioCubes.


Speaker Output: 1.5Wx2
Frequency: 95Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Size: H171 x W155 x D215 (mm)
Weight: 800g
Cable Length: Audio Cable: 1000mm, AC Adaptor: 1800mm


3.5mm Audio Cable, AC Adaptor

Brightonnet Panda Speaker

Brightonnet Panda Speaker Brightonnet Panda Speaker Brightonnet Panda Speaker

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