Thanko USB Shortwave Radio

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Thanko presents a new USB gadget with an extra and unique function. Featuring an USB radio receiver that picks up both AM/FM radio and shortwave stations. It's a real plug and play design and uses a private radio software compatible only for Windows Vista and XP. The software allows you to record the audio from the radio station. The simple and slim body design gives it a high-end feel. Available only from Thanko, Japan.


Correspondence OS: Windows Vista/XP
Interface: USB1.1, 2.0
Sound recording type: MP3/WAV
Corresponding frequency:

  • AM: Europe: 522 - 1629KHz / Japan: 522 - 1629KHz / America: 520 - 1710KHz
  • FM: Europe: 87.50 - 108.00MHz / Japan: 76.00 - 90.00MHz / America: 87.50 - 108.00MHz
  • Short wave: 3,000 - 20,000KHz
    Sound: FM (stereo), AM short wave (monaural)
    Voltage: USB 5V


    Stand, USB cable and antenna

  • Thanko USB Shortwave Radio

    Thanko USB Shortwave Radio

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