Audio-Technica AT355ST, 0.6 Microphone Earphone Adapter

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Audio-Technica presents AT355ST/0.6 from Japan with a built-in microphone for users to record sound and voice on their audio player. Featuring a volume control allowing the music to magnify greater than the audio player can produce. It has an on/off button to save the battery life with a 20 days battery duration. Designed in both black and white to match with any earphone colors.


Sensitivity: −40dB
Frequency characteristic: 50 - 10,000Hz
Use electric battery: Coin type
Electric battery duration: 20 days
Plug: φ3.5 gold-plating stereo mini-plug
Cord length: 0.6m

Audio-Technica AT355ST, 0.6 Microphone Earphone Adapter


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Features: Smartphone Friendly

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