Banpresto Facebank Large

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This toy is sooooo funny. It's a great birthday pre…

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My sister got this for me for my birthday last year…

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I cant begin to express how funny it is seeing thes…

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Banpresto increased the size of the new Facebank version. Facebank Large is now one-and-a-half bigger than the old Facebank. With a massive body, it is able to eat more change. Meanwhile, it makes swallowing sound when it chews.

Facebank really does what it's supposed to do - a bank with a face that takes any change you feed it. Designed by Japanese designer Takada and shown on TV, this is the world's first interactive bank that can "eat" up to 30 500yen coins (quarters, etc). The eyes of the FaceBank are actually sensors. Activate the FaceBank by waving at it and it will eat your coins! A great gift idea to freak out your guests. Available only in Japan in blue, red, and white. Another gizmo first available from AC!

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Power: 4 AAA batteries

Banpresto Facebank Large


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