Pioneer SE-CLX9 Outdoor Canal-phones

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For Pioneer, innovative ideas are part of the design. SE-CLX9 is a brand-new canal-phones for outdoor use, and one of the most unique earphones in the market. Featuring an advance fitting solution that uses 8 sets of different ear-buds and ear-pads for a total of 16 different combinations. Combinations will allow users to find the best comfort and at the same time, eliminating un-wanted noises. Ear-buds and ear-pads are made out of a special and softer material. In addition, Pioneer designed SE-CLX9 with replaceable nozzle. Different color provides a different sound field. According to Pioneer, black is for heavy bass, gray for mild bass, white is standard, green for high tune, and blue for light tune. Combining the earpads, earbuds, and the nozzles, SE-CLX9 gives out treble quality sound at the same time with powerful bass. Featuring a one-of-a-kind body design that will revolutionize the way people listen to music. Available only Japan.


Impedance: 32 ohms
Pressure response: 105 dB
Largest input: 100 mW
Playback frequency zone: 20 to 20000 Hz
Length of cord/code: 1.2m
Plug: Stereo mini-plug (diameter 3.5mm and straight type, 24K gold-plating)
Cord length: 0.8 m
Mass: 8g


0.7m extension cord, 5 pair of nozzles, ear-buds (S, M, L), ear-pads (S, M, L), cleaning brush, and pouch

Pioneer SE-CLX9 Outdoor Canal-phones

Pioneer SE-CLX9 Outdoor Canal-phones Pioneer SE-CLX9 Outdoor Canal-phones Pioneer SE-CLX9 Outdoor Canal-phones

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