Cube Collection USB Humping Dog

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 A. Sansevere says:

A friend of mine in the office bought a bunch of th…

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 A. Xiang says:

This dog has a really large... Anyways, insert …

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 S. Lu says:

The USB Humping Dog is a great gag toy and a great …

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The name says it all. USB Humping Dog from Cube Collection is a unique USB toy for computers. Just plug it into an USB port and watch it in action. USB Humping Dog will not stop until it is unplugged. It does not have any built-in memory. Available only in Japan with 3 different colors. Cube Collection's USB Humping Dog is a one-of-a-kind USB gadget.

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About Cube Collection
The company Cube with its Cube Collection introduces some of the most innovative and stylish toys in Japan.
Their collection of figures, toys, and gadgets, are made with high quality and suitable for anyone between the age of 8 to 80

Cube Collection USB Humping Dog

Cube Collection USB Humping Dog Cube Collection USB Humping Dog


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