Kenwood CLK-5i USB,CD NewStyle Hi-Fi AudioSystem

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It's called the NewStyle AudioSystem from Kenwood. CLK-5i is an super slim Hi-Fi audio system that only plays both audio and data CDs, USB memory based MP3 players, and any iPod models. Featuring a classic design that fits in any modern interior space. The smooth front panel is made out of aluminum which gives out a high-class outlook. It presents D.AUDIO which controls the MP3 player through the audio system with a remote control. It also does the same thing with iPods, so hand control is unnecessary. Kenwood's CLK-7i will perform high quality sound. Available only in Japan.


USB Section
Corresponding file system: FAT 16/32
Interface: USB2.0 (FULL Speed) / USB1.1
Playback type: MP3/WMA
Sampling frequency: MP3: 8kHz - 48kHz and WMA: 32kHz - 48kHz
Playback corresponding bit rate: MP3: 32kbps - 320kbps and WMA: 64kbps - 192kbps
Maximum number of folders: 255
Maximum number of files: 65280 (FAT 32 o'clock)
Maximum number of folder classes: 8 classes
Supply electric current: Maximum 500mA

Tuner Section
Reception band: FM stereo (76MHz - 90MHz), AM (531kHz - 1629kHz)
Broadcasting station pre-setting: 40 bureaus

Speaker Section
Type: Bus reflex type (anti magnetic correspondence JEITA GRADE II)
Unit: Full range 80mm
Impedance: 6 ohm
Largest input: 20W

Amplifier Section
Utility installed capacity: 10W+10W (JEITA 6 ohm)
Input: USB terminal / iPod terminal / D.AUDIO IN / analog input
Output: D.AUDIO OUT / headphone output (stereo mini- jack) / sub woofer output
Input terminal: 600mV/47k ohm (D.AUDIO)
Output terminal: 1.0V/10k ohm (D.AUDIO Low)
Rated electric power consumption: 142W

Common Section
Size: W210 x H227.5 x D180 mm
Weight: 2.2kg
Playback function: Program/random/repeat
Correspondence CD: Music CD / CD-R/CD-RW (CD-DA/MP3/WMA)


AM loop antenna, FM indoor antenna, remote control, single type 3 dry cell battery, speaker cord/code 50cm, AC adapter, AC cord/code

Kenwood CLK-5i USB,CD NewStyle Hi-Fi AudioSystem

Kenwood CLK-5i USB,CD NewStyle Hi-Fi AudioSystem


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